Narok: Two Dies After Eating Anthrax-Infected Meat

After consuming anthrax-infected meat in the Endonyo Rasha region of Narok South, two people passed away, leaving eight more to fight for their lives.

The two fatalities, who had consumed a sheep’s corpse, were males, 42 and 24, according to the sub-county veterinary officer Matthew Nchoko.

The eight further victims who had been brought to the Ngosuani Health Center were treated and released, according to Nchoko.

In order to prevent such events, he issued a warning to the general public about the dangers of consuming improperly cooked and inspected meat.

He claimed that anthrax can appear in three ways: as a sore with a black spot in the middle, as a stomach illness, or as a pulmonary illness.

The veterinarian noticed that while the digestive type produces diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains, the respiratory form is more deadly to people since it makes breathing difficult.

He advised residents from handling or eating any dead livestock and stated that efforts are in place to immunize all the local livestock against the disease.

Given that the region borders the Maasai Mara National Reserve, hundreds of wild animals that graze freely alongside livestock may have contributed to the sickness.

The sub-county’s inhabitants are pastoralists who rely on their animals to survive.

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