Nancy Karigithu’s nomination for IMO Secretary General post reaffirmed by President Ruto.

Kenya’s nomination of Ambassador Nancy Karigithu to fill the office of Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization has been reaffirmed by President William Ruto (IMO).

The president expressed confidence in Ms. Karigithu, who is currently Kenya’s Special Envoy for Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs, in a statement released by State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed on Thursday. He said she would bring strong competencies and priceless experience to the IMO, which is a crucial pillar for the nation’s foreign policy and East Africa as a whole.

“Amb. Karigithu will bring to the IMO strong competencies and invaluable experience in the management of global maritime and development of the oceans and blue economy that hold much promise for the international community,” reads the statement in part.

The President added that Karigithu’s qualifications for the position had been recognized by the African Union at a conference in Zambia earlier in the year.

The statement read, “During the High-Level Mid-Year Coordination Meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, in mid-July 2022, Kenya received the African Union’s endorsement for Amb. Karigithu’s candidature.”

By positioning her not only as a national candidate but also as Africa’s standard-bearer in the fight for a crucial global position, that support puts Kenya’s top marine expert in a strong position.

The next leader of the IMO will be chosen by the 40 members of the IMO during elections for the Sec-Gen post in July 2023.

If she is successful, Karigithu will become the first African and the first woman to serve as Secretary General, succeeding the departing Mr. Kitack Lim of Korea.

The marine industry is IMO’s primary focus in terms of environmental, safety, and security issues.

Amb. Expert in nautical matters of international repute, Karigithu has actively promoted the IMO’s goals for the protection of safety, security, and the environment in the maritime sector.

Amb. Karigithu has worked for 30 years, 26 of which were spent in the maritime sector.
She graduated from the University of Nairobi with a law degree in her undergraduate years, and the IMO International Maritime Law Institute in Malta awarded her a master’s degree in international maritime law.

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