Nakuru: Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing And Burying His 2-Year-Old daughter

Athlete and 42-kilometer marathon runner Paul Koech Rop is the main suspect in the death of his 2-year-old daughter Linda Chepkorir.

Months after the father acquired custody of the child, the family made repeated attempts to locate Baby Linda but were unsuccessful. She was finally found dead and buried on Thursday.

Wilberforce Sicherani, the police chief for Rongai sub-county, remarked: “December 21 ndio mama aliinsist mtoto yuko wapi? Alikuwa anampatia mtoto anakaa naye kwa muda anamrudhishia, lakini wakati huu hakuwapa jawabu kamili. Mama Akawa anamshuku.

According to preliminary investigations conducted by Menengai Police, the 35-year-old suspect may have been involved in the murder of his child as a result of family dynamics that may have been tense.

About 8 months after her passing, police on Thursday unearthed baby Linda’s body from a small grave they had dug inside their complex.

“Huyu mtoto kulingana na uchunguzi alikufa tarehe 23 mwezi wa saba mwaka jana…hapo ndipo mama alikuwa anazidisha kwani alipitisha…mtoto alipewa mshukiwa mwezi wa tatu akakaa naye,” the police chief continued.

The family is in ruins as a result of the father’s inhumane deed and the abrupt turn of events; he will be charged on Monday.

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