Nairobi’s crime hotspots listed by the police

The National Police Service (NPS) has made public the Nairobi crime hotspots where gangs are allegedly operating during the current period of increased insecurity.

A survey on Nairobi’s crime statistics was undertaken, and the results, according to a report provided to newsrooms on Monday, showed that the gangs target people of all ages, businesses, M-Pesa operators, and private dwellings.

Part of the report states that “witnesses have reported that the majority of crimes are perpetrated in broad daylight.”

The Drive-In flyover up to KCA along Thika Road, KCA underpass, Total exit along Thika Road, Globe Cinema roundabout, and Kipande Road are among the locations where the criminals operate that have been mentioned by NPS.

Other locations include CBD, Kangemi along Waiyaki Way, and ABC Place (River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga road and Fig Tree.)

In light of the increasing crime rates in Nairobi, NPS has also provided some life-saving advice to Kenyans that they claim will prevent them from getting mugged.

The attackers are allegedly employing a wide range of strategies, including muggings, assaults, violent robberies, carjackings, murder, home invasions, and burglaries.

Police advise that in the unfortunate case that someone is being accosted, they should comply with the demands made of them and not dispute, fight, or resist.

The Nairobi Area Police County Control can be reached at 020 355 6771, and Kenyans have also been asked to do so in case of emergency.

The emotions coincide with growing public resentment that Kenyans are being failed by the National Police Service (NPS) as a result of an increase in cases throughout the nation that generally go unresolved.

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