Nairobi: Two Shot Dead By Police In a Robbery Attempt.

Two robbery suspects were shot and killed by police in the Kosovo area of Kayole, Nairobi, while two others made off with homemade weapons.

A group of four men, including the two, robbed people early on Tuesday morning as they were heading to work.

The two who were shot dead, according to Kayole OCPD Paul Wambugu, had harassed locals for a considerable amount of time and had previously been apprehended for similar offenses.

According to the police chief, criminals who were waylaying and robbing people during the early morning rush hour had been reported to officers on patrol.

The police opened fire after the suspects allegedly refused to submit when ordered to do so, according to the police chief.

Wambugu reported that since Saturday, four firearms have been found, despite increased police attempts to stop rampant crime in Kayole.

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