Nairobi: Three robbery suspects apprehended and firearm recovered.

Following a sting operation, police in Kayole on Saturday detained three robbery suspects.

Officers stationed at Kayole Police Station learned that a guy was possibly in possession of a gun and searching for ammunition, according to a statement from the National Police Service (NPS).

After beginning an investigation, the officers located the suspect, who was riding a motorcycle in the Matopeni area with one accomplice.

In a statement released on Sunday, NPS said that the men were both arrested after a fast search turned up an empty magazine in the suspect’s pocket.

The third suspect, who is thought to be the ammo supplier, was arrested as a result of further investigations, the NPS noted.

Detectives searched the home of the primary suspect and found a pistol there as well.

NPS continued, “After more questioning, the officers made the third arrest of a suspect, who was to supply ammo to the primary suspect, and they found a gun at the home of the first suspect.

An imitation black pistol that had been hidden in a shoe rack was also found inside the suspect’s home.

The accused were then led to the Kayole Police Station, where they would be detained until their court appearances.

The NPS also praised locals for providing information to law enforcement, stating that this will help get rid of illegal firearms in the city.

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