Nairobi: Standard Group journalist Arrested In Possession Of Grenade.

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Laban Cliff Onserio, a television journalist and the chief of staff for the Standard Group, is being detained by detectives from the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) for having a grenade and threatening to use it to harm security personnel.

After an incident, the Holy Family Basilica security guards called in investigators, who then detained Onserio in the basement of the church.

In court documents, it is stated that “(he) was detained on December 18, 2022, by a multi-agency team who responded at the place after receiving information through IC3 police control room that there was a terror threat at Holy Family Basilica.”

The journalist, who once held the position of Deputy Communications Director at State House’s Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU), is claimed to have gone to pick up his car, a Nissan X-trail with the license plate KDE 744A, on Sunday morning.

The guards phoned detectives during the argument, and they searched Onserio’s car and discovered a stun grenade.

The journalist “could not give adequate reasons why he was in possession of the flash bang grenade,” according to detectives, and he was unable to present a document authorizing his possession of the weapon.

According to the anti-terror police unit, “at the time of the respondent’s detention, the security guards were not informed that the respondent was in possession of the flash bang training system grenade.”

Onserio admitted to police that he bought the grenade from British national Don Smith in 2021 while the latter was reportedly employed by the airline Fly 540.

The journalist also had an iPhone 14 in her possession.

In an affidavit submitted to the Kahawa Law Courts, the ATPU asks to hold Onserio for five days while investigations are ongoing.

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