NAIROBI: SHOCK as a woman’s body is discovered inside a bathroom of a rental apartment in Embakasi.

An probe has been initiated by the police into the violent killing of a woman in Embakasi, Nairobi County.

The body of the deceased woman, who was between the ages of 30-35, was discovered inside a bathroom at a flat in the Kware neighborhood.

The keeper found the body and called the local police station to report it.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered the deceased woman’s body laying naked with a lesso fastened around her waist.

Blisters could be seen on the body’s left shoulder and armpit as well.

According to a statement from the police, when they arrived at the scene, “Police officers visited the scene and found the body of the unknown female adult female aged between 30-35 lying naked with a leso strapped at the waist inside the bathroom with black blisters on the left armpit and shoulder.”

The deceased was found in the bathroom with blood still dripping from the mouth and nostrils.

The victim was allegedly slain elsewhere, and the body was dumped where it was found, according to police.

After documentation, the body was brought to the City Mortuary.

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