Nairobi: Sex workers contribute Money And Food to colleague who showed up at ‘work’ with her child

In Nairobi, there was a ‘touching’ moment as sex workers along Kenyatta Avenue helped out a colleague who had come in to “work” with her child.

This came after the mother stated she had no one to leave her child with, so she was compelled to go with them.

She added that the lack of customers had made her life intolerable.

“I neglected to pay the maid for two months and she abruptly quit. I need to feed my child as well as my other two children who are living with my mother upcountry but I don’t have any money,” she said.

The call girls gave the woman a contribution of Ksh 700 and bought food for her and her child.

One of the women who spoke to a local newspaper bemoaned the rising cost of living and the challenging economic conditions for businesses. She added that the majority of them are vulnerable to illnesses like pneumonia because of the weather and inadequate diet.

“We suffer from low business just as other industries do. We’ll have to change and go farming again upcountry. There is absolutely nothing to do here “She spoke.

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