Nairobi: Sakaja Releases 120 Boda Bodas Seized By Nairobi County

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja on Friday oversaw the release of 120 motorbikes out of the 231 impounded at the Nairobi County Inspectorate Training College, Dagoretti Corner.

Speaking at the college, Sakaja instructed the formation of a committee to identify boda boda and digital tax pick-up and drop-off points in the city within seven days.

The committee will comprise the County Secretary, County Chief Officer in charge of the Inspectorate, Nairobi County Boda Boda Chairman and the Nairobi Chairperson of digital taxes.

“I have ordered the release of these boda bodas because we have a new beginning. For those without the logo books find a way of verifying their ownership and don’t make it so bureaucratic,” said Sakaja.

The motorbikes were impounded by Nairobi County enforcement Officers for flouting various Nairobi City County laws.

The Governor had ordered the release of the motorbikes back to the owners in a public notice published on local dailies on September 8, 2022.

The respective owners are required to bring with them original logbooks, identification cards or any other proof of ownership to secure their motorbikes.

He called on the riders to follow the county laws adding that lawlessness will not be allowed.

“This amnesty is goodwill. Let us all abide by the county laws. Lawlessness and indiscipline will not be allowed in the city. All road users should be given dignity. I call upon all of you to help us make Nairobi orderly by following the county laws,” he stated.

Governor Sakaja further noted that his administration will facilitate citizens to do business in an orderly manner in regard to his promises.

In his Friday tour across the City, Sakaja was accompanied by his deputy Njoroge Muchiri, Nairobi Boda Boda Association Chairman Ken Onyango, County Secretary, County Executive members, Chief Officers, other county senior officers and MCAs.

On his part, Onyango noted that the City’s capital has 176,000 registered boda boda riders promising that they would adhere to the set rules and laws.

He thanked the governor for honouring his promise to release the motorbikes adding that the sector has employed so many people.

At the same time, the governor also ordered the release of all other impounded equipment including car wash machines, carts and chairs among others.

He likewise committed to having the City Inspectorate facility refurbished and bringing new reforms proposed to bring order to the Inspectorate sector.

Nairobi MCAs- elect present pledged to pass laws that will protect the boda boda industry.

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