Nairobi: Protesters and police in Mathare engage in running battles.

A file image of protest. [Photo | Courtesy].

On Thursday morning, there were new protests in the Mathare Number 10 district, and videos from the scene showed demonstrators fighting with anti-riot police in the street.

Tens of anti-riot police officers were seen patrolling the area in videos wearing full anti-riot gear.

Raila Odinga, the head of Azimio la Umoja, called for the third wave of anti-government demonstrations in response to the government’s apparent failure to address the growing cost of living and access to IEBC servers.

The cabinet secretary for the interior ministry has issued a warning against any intentions to gather “with or without notice” regarding the biweekly protests, which continue to be unlawful.

CS Kithure Kindiki urged Kenyans from participating in violent protests in a statement released on Wednesday, stating that the police would do everything possible to stop them.

CS Kithure Kindiki made a statement on Wednesday warning Kenyans from participating in violent protests, stating that the police will stop them at “any costs.”

Prof. Kindiki warned that violent incidents during the demonstrations on two consecutive Mondays, including looting, the damage of public property, and disruption of normal life, could plunge the nation into chaos.

“Nowhere in Kenya shall there be permitted any further violent protests. Demonstrations and protests of any kind that harm individuals, security personnel, businesses, or property must be avoided at all costs, according to Prof. Kindiki, whether they are forewarned or not.

“Our country’s stability and the rule of law are under great risk as a result of the current scenario. Violence, theft, vandalism of public property, disturbance of daily life, and invasions of private property all foretell a real and impending risk that our nation may descend into uncontrollable chaos. These unlawful activities must stop.

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