Nairobi: Former president Nairobi Hosts Commonwealth Delegation.

On Tuesday, ex-president Uhuru Kenyatta hosted a Commonwealth delegation.

The team saw the former head of state at his Uhuru Kenyatta Institute Offices in Nairobi under the direction of Patricia Scotland KC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

According to a statement from Mr. Kenyatta’s office, “During the meeting Rt. Hon Scotland complimented the previous President and the people of Kenya for the peaceful elections and orderly transition to the 5th administration.”

Scotland commended the former leader for accepting his position as Special Peace Envoy for the wars in Ethiopia and the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She also stated that her office and the Commonwealth were fully behind efforts being made to put a stop to gun violence and give the residents of problematic areas long-lasting peace and dignity.

A few hours prior to the meeting, Kenyatta had formally concluded the third and last stage of the Nairobi peace negotiations.
In his speech, Kenyatta expressed hope in resolving the DRC crisis permanently and noted that the parties involved had pledged to do it quickly.

“We are pleased with the progress; we are not claiming we have finished everything, but we have managed to achieve some milestones in terms of issues that the DRC government will tackle and other parts which will be finished by some of the delegates present,” he said.

In Goma, DRC, in January 2023, the next round of negotiations, he noted, would build on the accomplishments gained in Nairobi.

“We have promised to hold a follow-up meeting, which is why we were requesting that everyone sign the communique so that everyone can be held accountable for their promises.

I’m hopeful that when we get together again in Goma, we’ll be able to discuss some of the medium- and long-term agenda items that need more time. Kenyatta said this in his opening remarks.

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