Nairobi: Families concerned about giant rats infiltrating their homes.

A rat infestation is alarming Nairobi residents who live in informal areas around the capital.
This is a hidden issue in estates like as Pipeline, Umoja and Donholm parts, Kayole, Dandora, Kariobangi, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, and other Nairobi neighborhoods.

It is not unusual to see enormous rats darting through mounds of rubbish and exposed sewer lines, according to neighbors who interviewed with Wananchi Reporting.

Some of these critters are known to sneak into homes in search of food.

Mr. Nixon Magega, an Umoja resident, observed that the rats frequently switch between exposed sewer lines, drainage tunnels, and their homes.

“The rats sneak into our homes through the toilet hole, fractures in the walls, the door, or the windows,” he explained, adding that he once discovered a rat swimming in the waters of his toilet.

“I reside on the bottom level of a four-story building in Umoja, and I can tell you that I live with a tiny family of rats,” Magega explained.

Magega’s house is just near to an exposed sewer pipe.

Magega, like many other residents, blames the entire problem on inadequate sanitation in the estates.

“Some of the rats are rather large; they are not the small ones we are used to seeing.” “They frighten even our children,” Magega continues.

Another neighbor blamed the problem on most residential buildings’ inadequate or non-existent rubbish collection systems.

“I reside in Pipeline in a seven-story building. Garbage is collected in an open area on the bottom level, just inside the building. “Occasionally, waste is allowed to decay within the structure, attracting rats,” she explained.

According to John Mose, a caretaker in Nairobi, residents should keep an eye out for holes in the walls and avoid leaving food laying uncovered in their homes.

“Both landlords and tenants have a responsibility to play in preventing rats from infiltrating our homes.”

“As a caretaker, I will ensure that missing drain covers are replaced and that waste is not allowed to gather inside or around the building,” Mose stated.

Residents are pleading with the county administration to improve cleanliness in the estates in order to keep rodents at bay.

Meanwhile, some people are already attempting to rat-proof their homes in order to keep the rodents out.

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