Nairobi: 200 Boxes Of Counterfeit Alcohol Seized In Ruai

200 bottles of counterfeit alcohol have been found by police in Ruai, Nairobi, as part of an ongoing investigation into sophisticated tax evasion techniques by vendors who deal in alcoholic beverages.

During the investigation on Monday, more than 200 cartons hidden with counterfeit alcohol were discovered on a residential property.

Teresia Nyokabi Ngatia was arrested during the operation, according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), who added that she was discovered with the cartons that were thought to be earmarked for neighborhood retailers.

DCI posted on Twitter, “The counterfeited drinks were packed in branded bottles that are popular locally, including, Kane Extra, Trace Vodka, Konyagi, Blue Ice, Kibao Vodka and Chrome Vodka, among others, whose safety to consumers could not be immediately confirmed.

Additionally, it was found that the bottles had counterfeit Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) stamps on them.

More counterfeit KRA stamps were found by the police, along with an alcohol mixer.

Ngatia will continue to be held in Kamulu police custody until he is charged.

The most recent raid comes after one in Thika where 300 crates of alcohol were seized by the police.

The operation is in response to President William Ruto’s order to subdue dishonest businesspeople who have developed novel tax evasion techniques.

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