Nadia Mukami Confirms Break Up With Arrow Boy

In a message shared on her Instagram stories, musician Nadia Mukami acknowledged her separation from her musician spouse, Arrow Boy.

Asserting that “men” were seeking to book her and her husband for a double show, Nadia was responding to them.

They haven’t been dating for a long, and the “Tesa” hitmaker claims she has ran out of falsehoods to say.

“We split up, we haven’t been together in a long.”

For reservations, kindly get in touch with the specific management, Mukami wrote.

Early in 2022, Mukami and Arrow Boy revealed their relationship, letting the cat out of the bag.

During the debut of her lover’s focus album in March 2022, Mukami became engaged to Arrowboy.

In a series of videos that have been widely shared on social media, the proposal was flawless, with Arrow Bwoy seizing the opportunity to get down on one knee as the couple’s collaboration, “Radio love,” was playing loudly in the background.

After that, the pair announced that they were not only engaged, but also expecting their first child together.

The two began their rapid affair as a strictly professional partnership, working together on the 2019 mega single “Radio Love.”

In an Instagram live interview, Arrow Bwoy discussed how they first met and claimed that despite being in the friend zone, he eventually realized they had chemistry.

“She called me to be in the song,” I replied. I had to perform for her despite my ill health and less than stellar voice. When her verse was prepared, I put my own down. At the time, Arrow Bwoy claimed that the chemistry was undeniably strong.

In a different interview, Nadia would concur with Arrow Bwoy’s assertions and state that they were involved professionally. Or did it?

Nadia remarked, “He’s taken and I don’t want to harm people’s family.”

A few months later, in April 2020, the singer of “Jipe” shocked her followers online by admitting that the “professional relationship” had briefly turned “romantic” before stagnating.

He is a fantastic buddy, but when we tried dating, it didn’t work out, Nadia said at the time, according to the Trend.

Later, in a second interview with Jalang’o, she would backtrack on those statements, claiming that she had simply utilized the “dating tale to market their brands online.”

We never dated, therefore I’m single and focused on my business. We simply chose to go with the tale after reading it on a blog and used it to promote our music, she explained.

In support of her assertions, Arrow Bwoy would refute the dating rumors, even going so far as to call their putative union “sideshows.”

“She is one of the talented female artists we have in East Africa, and I see potential in her as a kubwa sana ya kupeperusha bendera yetuya Kenya, as she channels her energy into her crafts and sideshows,” he continued. It was a hit song, “Nadia mwenye najua ni tulifanya na yeye ngoma,” he remarked.


All of their denial seemed to have evaporated a year later when a picture of them kissing at the beach in matching attire sparked new dating rumors.

“My attractive, industrious, patient, and pure-hearted man! Nadia captioned the image, “Baba Safari,” and Arrow Bwoy responded, “You are my brilliant, intelligent, boss lady! Mother Safari.

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