Mwingi: Man Kills His Brother Then Commits Suicide.

A Mwingi family is in grief after two brothers were died in a domestic dispute.

A 35-year-old man who was one of the brothers is alleged to have fatally hacked the other before later killing himself.

According to Kyalo Kazungu, the Mwingi Sub County Police Commander, the two brothers were working on the farm when a dispute erupted. One brother then hacked the other, left him for dead.

The injured man was rushed by neighbors to Mwingi Level Four Hospital, where he passed away while receiving care.

The perpetrator then reportedly locked himself in the house and killed himself, according to the neighbors.

“The man who hanged himself was fighting with his brother, and when we arrived, we carried him to the hospital,” a witness said. When we returned to hunt for him, we discovered that he had committed suicide when we opened the door, according to a neighbor named Peter Mwendwa.

After the tragedy, many in the area voiced their shock.

“Because the two men are offspring of the same mother, I personally believe this to be a curse…

It is wrong to murder your brother. Another local, Bernard Kilunda, stated, “I am appealing to the youngsters of this area, if there is any substance you may be taking, it’s better you go to church and repent.

Their bodies were conveyed to the mortuary at Mwingi Level Four Hospital.
Since then, police have started an inquiry to figure out what went wrong.

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