Murang’a: Man Found Dangling From Tree With Genitals Chopped-Off.

The discovery of a middle-aged man’s body hanging from a tree in Murang’a County with his genitalia severed has shocked the locals of Kari hamlet.

The man, who has subsequently been identified as Charles Moko, was also found to have a knife stab wound in his chest.

Police said that Moko’s genitalia and a machete were discovered close to the crime scene, raising questions over whether he committed himself or was killed.

According to Kahuro Deputy County Commissioner Fredrick Muli, “We have sent a team of sleuths to examine the matter and are looking into all potential explanations for the death and with time, we will solve it.”

Simon Mburu, Moko’s younger brother, found the body and alerted neighbors, who then informed the local chief. Moko’s body was ultimately identified as being that of his brother.

Local police and detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrived on the scene after the chief, and they processed the scene.

The remains of the dead has subsequently been transported to a nearby mortuary for storage while authorities continue to look into the strange incident.

People who may have information about the incident are advised to contact the local police.

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