MP Koech Blasts Martha Karua Over

Nelson Koech, a member of parliament for Belgut, reprimanded Martha Karua, the leader of the NARC-Kenya party, for her blatant attack on President William Ruto and her assertion that his administration is run by “gangsters.”

On a local TV program on Tuesday, MP Koech stated that Karua was improper to say those things in public given her notoriety and leadership abilities.

“I believe that what Martha Karua said was completely out of order after considering it. It is completely unfair to refer to William Ruto’s administration as being run by thugs and criminals, and I find it to be a very foolish statement from a senior leader to have made such a statement “said he.

The lawmaker added that Karua only criticizes the current administration when she is not receiving any benefits from it, contending that if this weren’t the case, Karua would have had the same opinions under President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He claimed that lawmaker Martha Karua has a history of remaining silent when it is advantageous for her and speaking out when she is on the other side.

“Martha Karua should have spoken out about the situation our nation is currently in under the previous administration, but she chose to remain silent because it was convenient for her and because she was aware that she would soon become the Deputy President. She was blind, but now that she is in the opposition, she is seeing.”

In a news conference on Monday, President Ruto was accused by Karua of imposing a mafia-led regime on Kenyans.

Concerns have been raised, according to Karua, about what she called Ruto’s “brazen attack on Chapter 6 of the Constitution” in appointing people connected to graft to public service.

“We are noticing a pattern where people who are involved in severe criminal cases, such as money laundering, fraud, or offering bribes, are assigned to important positions, including leadership of the exact organizations that brought them to court,” she added.

“Ruto is gradually turning Kenya into a mafia state. It’s frightening and unsettling to see thugs in power. Even in our worst moments in the past, it has never been observed in Kenya. In the past, it has been remarked lightheartedly that unlike other nations, Kenya is home to a mafia.”

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