More Than 200 Stolen Phones Recovered in Kasarani; Suspect Arrested

During an operation, DCI detectives from the Kasarani police station seized almost 200 phones from a theft ring.

The result of the sting operation was the capture of Antony Orlando, also known as Engineer Bobby, who gave the police the location of the hiding place for the stolen phones.

Deputy Commandant Anthony Mbogo stated, “So far, we have detained about 12 robbers, who have already appeared in court. This one is the mastermind since he is the one who receives all these stolen phones.”

The operation is a component of expanded security patrols and operations put in place to deal with a surge in mugger and robbery cases that have been seen in Nairobi over the past several months.

Mbogo continued, “Kenyans should watch what they are doing outside; they should know we are here to eliminate this threat.

Police say the discovery may result in the detention of additional persons thought to be affiliated with the group.

For the time being, Nairobi residents who have lost their phones are asked to go to the Kasarani police station to get them identified.

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