Military Impostor Enters Nanyuki British Army Barracks And Steals 2 Military Weaponized Trucks

The British Army based in the arid Nanyuki region is still shocked after 2 military weaponized trucks belonging to their military battalion was stolen from the base’s yard by people posing as Kenyan military personnel.

The British army realized a shortage of the vehicles despite having not been documented to have been allowed to get out of the highly secured compound. The military camp is jointly used by the Kenyan and British army for military drills after the two governments share a bilateral security agreement for exclusive use of the facility for training.

According to K24 digital news media platform, Directorate Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers were informed of the mystery theft after the British ground army unit did their annual internal audit of all their military vehicles based at the camp only to realize that the two highly guarded trucks were missing.

The DCI have put all security agencies on high level security alert to be on the lookout for the stolen trucks which is reported to contain sophisticated warfare gadgets and weaponry.

A team of detectives was dispatched to the base and are currently interrogating army personnel who are in-charge of transport logistics and movement of the secured missing trucks.

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