MIGORI: Man killed while attempting to save a woman who was being abused by her husband.

File image of police officers at a crime scene [Photo: Courtesy]

After being accused of murder, a 32-year old guy from Gibarori, Kuria East, Migori county, Kenya, will be arraigned in court.

Mary Chacha, the victim of the alleged assault by the suspect named as David Chacha, allegedly fled and went to her mother-in-home law’s after the attack.

David beat his wife much more when he followed her to his mother’s house. 

After the suspect’s mother raised the alarm, neighbors stepped in to help.

However, the suspect struck one of the neighbors in the head with a metal rod, seriously injuring him.

According to the report, “The police arrived on the scene and determined that David Chacha, 32, and Mary Chacha, 24, had a domestic dispute. When his wife ran away, David chased after her and continued to beat her.

When the mother-in-law called for help, the neighbor Ronald ran to their aid, but David whacked Ronald in the head with a metal rod.

The victim was taken to Mother and Child Hospital in a critical condition. From there, he was sent to Kehancha Sub-County and afterwards to Migori Level 4 Hospital, where he was declared dead when he arrived.

In Motemorabu, the suspect was apprehended after making his getaway.

“The suspect later escaped to an unknown location but was later traced to Motemorabu where he had been hiding,” the statement added.

The deceased’s body was sent to the morgue at Kehancha Hospital in anticipation of an autopsy.

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