Migori: Form 4 Student Arrested For Faking Own Abduction.

A Form Four student at Kamunda Secondary School in Awendo, Migori County was detained on suspicion of staging his own kidnapping and extorting Ksh. 20,000 from his mother.

When Joseph Odhiambo, 22, admitted that his reported kidnapping was only a ploy, his mother frog-marched him to the Awendo police station.

Prior to arriving at his mother’s doorsteps on January 9, 2023, Odhiambo claimed to have been kidnapped by unidentified men on January 5, 2023.

When questioned by authorities, Odhiambo admitted to repeatedly texting his mother to demand the aforementioned ransom, which he said would be used to pay his school tuition.

He further admitted to the police that he purchased blood from a nearby butcher shop and sprinkled it on his clothing in an effort to appear as though his fictitious kidnappers had roughed him up.

Odhiambo’s mother, Grace Otieno, has, however, refuted her son’s claims, informing authorities that he had no outstanding fees previous to the strange incident.

According to Cleti Kimaiyo, the commander of the Awendo Sub-County Police, investigations into the incident are still ongoing, and Odhiambo will face disciplinary action.

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