Migori: 61-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide and Blames “Cheating” Wife In A Suicide Note

An investigation has been initiated by authorities in Kuria West, Migori County, after a 61-year-old man committed suicide over alleged disloyalty in Nyamekoma village.

According to Cleti Kimaiyo, the sub-county police commander for Kuria West, the dead left a suicide note stating his reasoning.

According to Mr. Kimaiyo, the deceased wrote in the handwritten letter that was discovered at the scene that he had decided to commit himself since his wife had supposedly been having an extramarital affair.

The body of the dead, which was hanging from a rope on a tree within his compound, was identified by members of the public, who subsequently reported the situation to the area chief, according to the Police Commander.

Mr. Kimaiyo added that the body was free of any evident injuries and that it had been taken to the mortuary of the Akidiva Mindira Mabera hospital in anticipation of additional investigations and an autopsy.

He added that they would question the deceased’s wife to find out what happened before his suicide.

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