Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza faces more headaches as MCAs reject 7 of her 10 CEC’s

Seven of the ten candidates nominated by Meru County Governor Kawira Mwangaza to serve in her cabinet as members of the County Executive Committee (CEC) have been rejected by the MCAs.

The MCAs only approved three of the CECs whose names had been submitted for review by the county boss, a decision that is expected to escalate the dispute between the Governor and the County Assembly.

Only the CECs for education, government service, and finance were approved by the MCA.

Governor Mwangaza, who is locked in a power struggle with the MCAs, will now need to start again and submit fresh candidates to the county assembly for approval.

However, after inviting the MCAs to a Thursday truce meeting on Monday, she seemed prepared to swallow her pride.

Reconciliation efforts sponsored by the Council of Governors, whose chairperson is Ann Waiguru, led to the invitation to the summit.

Governor Mwangaza stated in a letter to the MCAs that she is willing to talk about the concerns highlighted by ward representatives, particularly the ward fund.

“The Ward Fund is a major contributor to these misunderstandings, and I touched on it in my first speech to the county legislature. I’m willing to talk about how to manage it and come up with a practical solution “the letter is read.

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