Meru: Clergy demand apology from the governor over land grabbing allegations.

Kawira Mwangaza, the embattled governor of Meru, has been drawn into yet another dispute after clergymen from Igoji, Meru County, demanded an apology from him for allegedly labeling them “land grabbers.”

Father Lawrence Micheni claims that Governor Mwangaza had previously been to the sub-county and accused the clergy of stealing the land where the Meru Youth Service (MYS) center, which educates and supports young people, is located.

Now that Mwangaza has been warned that she will cause trouble if she approaches churchgoers, the Meru Catholic Church wants an apology from her.

Father Micheni remarked, “Since 1969, when we first came here, it was the community’s dream, and here she comes 50 years later, alleging that it was stolen land.

“She has experienced issues ever since she spoke untrue things against the church. She has never slept before and won’t even try to sleep till she arrives to demand an apology. The church is at odds with God because she is not a human.”

Another participant echoed Father Micheni’s remarks when they claimed that the building was created thanks to the combined efforts of the general public and church volunteers.

“Because they are Catholic, we are not fighting for the church; rather, we are fighting for the buildings that are already there. It was constructed by Igoji’s locals and churchgoers “said he.

Governor Mwangaza is currently the target of an impeachment petition that claims she has abused her position and engaged in serious misbehavior.

Thuranira Salesio Mutuma, a resident of Meru, filed the petition, which claims that Kawira violated the Meru Revenue Board Act, 2014 by allegedly announcing Francis Muigai’s (her husband’s) appointment as the new general manager of the Meru County Revenue Board without following the proper procedures and receiving the County Assembly’s approval.

She is also being charged with nepotism for allegedly hiring members of her family to work in various positions within her official office.

According to the petition, two of her sisters serve as her bodyguard and personal assistant, and the husband of the latter serves as her official driver. Her cousin is the spokesperson for the government of Meru County, and her husband is a patron of the Meru Youth Service (MYS).

The county administrator and members of the County Assembly had earlier engaged in conflict over the claims (MCAs).

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has also become interested in the issue (EACC).

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