Meru: A Woman Found Dead And Her Head Chopped Off

At Rwerea Hills in Tigania Central, Meru County, 18-year-old woman who had left her home on December 24, 2022 had been discovered dead with her head chopped off.

After finishing her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, Beatrice Gatwiri, who was residing with her grandmother, is reported to have promptly left home to move in with her lover, Allan Kirimi.

She allegedly left her boyfriend’s house after a few days, but the police report claims that she never returned. On January 13 of this year, her beheaded, half-naked body was found in the Rwerea hills, raising questions about what might have happened.

Police Commander for Tigania Central Sub-County Joel Chepkwony claimed that although the head hasn’t been found, the boyfriend and another man who saw the body in the forest have both been taken into custody.

The two are currently being held in accordance with the law and assisting with investigations, according to the police chief.

One of the family members claims that the deceased’s grandma will not allow the body to be buried without the head because she fears the trauma will cause her to pass away sooner as well.

The family claimed that in accordance with Ameru community norms and traditions, it is forbidden to bury a body that is missing other body parts, especially the head, as doing so is seen to carry a curse.

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