Mbeere North MP Proposes More Taxes For Kenyans

Geoffrey Ruku, a member of parliament from Mbeere North, asserted that Kenya had the lowest tax burden among other countries, and he suggested raising taxes even higher to fund various government initiatives.

Ruku stated on Monday’s DayBreak program on Citizen TV that raising taxes will subsequently improve revenue collection, which will support essential initiatives like infrastructure, health care, and education.

The MP then compared the tax rates of Kenya and other nations, coming to the conclusion that Kenya was the least taxed nation, in contrast to South Africa, Botswana, Norway, Turkey, and Germany, which in his opinion were taxed more heavily.

Ruku continued by saying that the majority of Kenyans are unable to afford proper housing in the nation and that the government is developing a comprehensive plan to address the nation’s slum-related problems.

He claimed that the lack of housing is a significant issue in the nation and issued a dire warning that, if action is not taken to address the problem, Kenya will soon have more than 3000 slums.

The MP emphasized the preferential tax system, under which wage earners pay taxes according on their income.

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