Mary Lincoln speaks after her nude photos leaked.

Mary Lincoln, a popular Central Region gospel singer, repented and was prayed for on Monday after viral photographs of her in her birthday suit surfaced online.

She was accompanied by several singers, including Karangu wa Muraya, who has been trending online due to suspicions of taking someone’s wife—also a celebrity—on a vacation in Dubai.

“Yes, we went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church for prayer of repentance and forgiveness.” “Our God is forgiving, and he gives people who repent a second chance to serve him again,” Ms. Lincoln added.

The viral video, according to Ms. Lincoln, “is now neither here nor there. What matters is that I have newfound vigor to carry on serving others and sharing the love of our merciful and forgiving God.

Following the prayer session, Ms. Lincoln praised God on her social media accounts for “your love… Bishop Michael Wanderi and Rev. David Mwangi for the prayers…God bless you.

As the clergy prayed for Ms. Lincoln, pictures of her on her knees, sobbing and deep in thought, were circulated.

In particular, Ms. Lincoln thanked Shiru Wa GP, Joyce Irungu, The Bosslady, Karangu wa Muraya, Anne Lawrence, Judie Masila, and Wairimu Muchiri for their support during the week that the viral videos went viral online. She also thanked “all my fellow artists and all friends who have been praying with me.”

Ms. Lincoln’s music career was struggling before the famous suitor elevated her to the world of affluence. She worked as a saloon technician in Nairobi’s Gikomba market.

She received a big makeover when her celebrity suitor entered her life, funding her music videos to produce enticing quality, which propelled her to the position of one of the top local gospel crooners.

Her nasty photos appeared online on multiple sites a week ago.

According to reports, the pictures were taken in her suitor’s residence along Kiambu Road, and he claimed to have forwarded them to another affluent man.

The blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga, who has exposed local celebrities’ scandals and become a true menace in Nairobi’s showbiz circles, posted the pictures.

The Ms. Lincoln disclosures sparked a deluge of internet comments, many of which questioned how someone could dare risk sharing electronically sensitive personal photographs in this day and age.

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