Martha Karua: Ruto Is Imposing A Mafia State On Kenyans.

President William Ruto is under fire from NARC-KENYA party leader Martha Karua, who accuses him of imposing a mafia-run state on the country’s citizens.

She made this assertion on Monday during a news conference for Azimio la Umoja, saying that they are worried about what she called President Ruto’s “brazen attack on Chapter 6 of the Constitution” in appointing people with ties to graft to positions of public trust.

The outspoken leader claimed that if Ruto continues to nominate people who are charged with crimes as leaders, Kenya will be run by “gangsters.”

“We are noticing a pattern where people who are involved in severe criminal cases, such as money laundering, fraud, or offering bribes, are assigned to important positions, including leadership of the exact organizations that brought them to court,” she added.

“Ruto is gradually turning Kenya into a mafia state. It’s frightening and unsettling to see thugs in power. Even in our worst moments in the past, it has never been observed in Kenya. In Kenya, the mafia has a country, contrary to what has been said sarcastically in the past about other countries.

“It is evident that despite Kenyans’ fury about the backgrounds of those appointed to public office and the government, the appointees and the president are as close as thieves.”

She also mentioned that there will be a separate Jamhuri Day ceremony in Jacaranda Gardens, which she described as a “festival of patriots” because Ruto and his deputy are not aware of the advancements the nation has made.

We’re not going to Kamukunji on December 12; we’re going to Jacaranda Gardens in Embakasi. It’s going to be a very peaceful gathering as we celebrate Jamuhuri Day with Kenyan patriots, she remarked.

“The republic of Kenya is seen extremely narrowly by Ruto and his deputy. They are unsure of Kenya’s history or the direction they wish to take it in.”

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