Manager of Quickmart Supermarket is detained for illegal waste disposal

Nicholas Kinyua Kariuki, the manager of Ruai’s Quickmart Supermarket, was detained by the Nairobi City County Environmental Compliance and Monitoring Unit on Saturday for allegedly illegally dumping rubbish.

In anticipation of being charged for violating EMCA and Public Health Act regulations, the manager is currently being held.

County Director for Environment and Natural Resources Paul Malawi spoke during the operation and cautioned against unlawful dumping, saying that the sanctions are very severe.

He exhorted Nairobi residents to handle their waste responsibly at every stage—from generation to disposal. A commercial facility is required by law to provide documentation of a contract with a rubbish collection.

“We launched an investigation after receiving a tip from the public, and we were able to confirm that Ruai Quickmart Supermarket did not have a waste management strategy on their property. They are delivering their trash to scavengers, who then dump it on the sides of the road and in market places “explained Mr. Malawi.

In accordance with Governor Johnson Sakaja’s vision of a city of order, dignity, hope, and opportunity for all, Mr. Malawi pointed out that the county has launched a citywide operation to rid Nairobi of rubbish.

He also reminded residents of Nairobi that the County Rubbish Management Act 2015 imposes fines of Ksh. 300,000 for first-time offenders and Ksh. 500,000 to 1,000,000 for repeat offenders for dumping waste.

In order to provide a clean and safe city, he noted that the County Anti-dumping Unit, which has been in operation for the previous two months, has increased its operations throughout the city.

According to Christine Kivuva, the county is devoted to supporting the inhabitants’ right to a clean and healthy environment. She is the county officer in charge of environmental monitoring, compliance, and enforcement.

Additionally, Ms. Kivuva stated that arrests would soon be made and that the enforcement team is eager to reduce noise pollution in the city.

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