Man Suspected of Murdering Girlfriend in Langata is Detained at Malaba Border

Mbugua Muthee, who is suspected to have murdered his girlfriend, following his arrest on November 18, 2022.

A man has been detained who is suspected of killing his girlfriend last week in Nairobi’s Onyonka Estate.

Detectives caught Thomas Mbugua Muthee at the Malaba border as he attempted to flee the nation through the neighboring Uganda.

The culprit, who has been wanted since carrying out the horrible deed on Saturday last week, is being held at Malaba Police Station right now. The relocation to Nairobi will take place on Saturday.

Naneu Muthoni, 30, died on Wednesday after suffering a catastrophic brain injury, according to an autopsy report done on her body.

The report also stated that she had her head pierced and had been repeatedly struck with a blunt object.

According to the principal government pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor’s postmortem report, Muthoni’s body had numerous injuries that were consistent with an assault.

According to earlier police reports, the 30-year-body old’s had significant wounds on the forehead and blood was dripping from the nostrils. Blood was splattered on the wall and the floor, and there were obvious signs of a struggle.

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