Man Shot Dead At Mariakani Army Barracks During Suspected Robbery Attempt

File photo of a police officer at a previous crime scene. [Photo | Courtesy]

A KDF officer shot down a man on Friday at the Mariakani army barracks in Kilifi County during what is thought to have been an attempted robbery at the location.

In the event at midnight, a 25-year-old man named Jumaa Kome approached the sentry box at the barracks while unclothed.

One night guard military member engaged him by warning him by firing one bullet into the air, but the assailant persisted. Hence causing the officer to fire him on the neck and died on the spot,” a police report read.

Sources claim that the deceased was a profiled criminal who had committed a number of crimes, including murder, robbery with violence, and drug trafficking.

He may have approached the barracks naked to try to make himself “invisible” to the security guards as it is rumored that local criminals practice witchcraft.

After the event, two expended cartridges were found, and the body was taken to the morgue at Coast General Provincial Hospital.

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