Man Kills Brother in A Love triangle with ‘blood’ sister

A manhunt has been initiated by police in Kirinyaga for a man who is thought to have killed his older brother after seeing him “in a compromising situation” with his 17-year-old sister.

The suspect, Benard (31), and his brother, Samuel (37), got into a fight over their teenage sister when they arrived at their home in Chema village on Saturday, according to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

According to DCI, the brothers may have engaged in an illegal sexual relationship with the youngster.

According to a tweet from DCI on Tuesday, “the deceased who also had a covert love affair with the 17-year-old and couldn’t come to terms with what he had observed descended on his brother with wrath, sparking a vicious struggle that resulted to his demise.”

Samuel was assaulted with a blunt instrument on the head, face, and back, their father, who reported the incident to the local police, verified.

He passed away while receiving care at the hospital in Karatina Sub-County.

Detectives who visited the homestead then conducted investigations and found out that Samuel had became pregnant with his step-sister sometime last year, but the pregnancy ended in a stillbirth in March of this year.

In the interim, actions are being taken to apprehend the culprit who is still on the run.

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