Man caught robbing unsuspecting men in clubs while posing as a beautiful lady

A man has been arrested by the police after it was discovered that he had been camping in clubs dressed as a woman with the purpose of robbing unwary male clubbers.

The guy has been showing up at popular bars in Kampala looking gorgeous as ever and rocking ladylike makeup.

Then, as he waits to take advantage of unsuspecting men, he sits in advantageous locations drinking.

Online sources claim that the suspect would lure his victims to lodgings for “fun,” spike their drinks, and then rob them completely before running away.

When someone is intoxicated, it might be challenging to determine whether someone is a guy impersonating a woman.

After he was apprehended, 57 men positively recognized him as having defrauded them, with 22 saying they had been victims more than three times.

After being arrested, the suspect was stripped off, and the footage was posted online.

He has subsequently gained a lot of attention online and inspired many responses from Netizens.

Take a glance at this.

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