Man Arrested for Kidnapping Stepson and Demanding Ksh.50,000 Ransom from Wife

Nemwel Ondari was arrested on Saturday afternoon at the NMS Green Park matatu terminus. [PHOTO | DCI]

A man has been detained by Nairobi police on suspicion of abducting his 8-year-old stepson after a domestic dispute with his wife in order to extort money from her.

A few hours after the mother of the youngster reported him to the Embakasi police station, Nemwel Ondari, 32, was detained on Saturday afternoon at the NMS Green Park matatu terminus.

Everline Nandera allegedly told authorities that she had gone to the Muthurwa market early in the morning before returning to their Embakasi, Tel Aviv-area house at around 9:20 am to discover that her husband and kid were missing.

“The husband had left a note requesting a Ksh ransom in his absence. $50,000 was required for the boy’s release. In the note, the guy allegedly threatened to kill the boy with a kitchen knife that he carried if his wife did anything foolish, according to the police.

When the guy was located at the city bus stop, it was discovered that the two had a contentious disagreement the night before, and that the man had packed his clothes and a kitchen knife into two bags before leaving with the youngster on Saturday morning.

The man was appreciatively waiting for the ransom to be paid into his Mpesa account when the officers descended on him at around 4 o’clock, according to the police.

The suspect is currently being held at the Embakasi police station pending arraignment while the mother and child were reunited.

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