Mahiga Homes: Breakdown Construction Process

Mahiga Homes Limited, is guided by their vision of creating smiles on the faces of every home buyer. Mahiga, does so through their mission of keeping the promise of developing affordable, modern, spacious and quality homes that every Kenyan can access at agreed upon time lines. 

Mahiga Homes has an exceptional breakdown of how it does its construction process. Below is a breakdown of Mahiga Homes Construction Process.

Step 1: Concept and Design Process

Mahiga Homes architects not only draw but also design their clients’ homes to be built and then an experienced surveyor draws up the estate plan. Guided by ethics, Mahiga Homes seek the necessary building permit. From the conceptualization to the end result of your dream home, Mahiga Homes goes an extra mile to see you live it.

Step 2: Site Preparations and Foundation

The real estate developer aims at finding a strategic location for its clients homes. With the modern facilities and amenities in mind, Mahiga Homes has crafted an exceptional way of site preparations and foundation which involves grading, preparing construction site and pouring of the foundation on the trenches and holes, using advanced earth movers to shape the landscape. Modern amenities are also prepared; septic,water, gas, and electricity.

Step 3: Framing and Presentational Exterior

Considering all framings architectural, natural, geometric shapes, and light/shadow, Mahiga Home pictures the home to meet the client’s expectations.

This is achieved by building the verticals of the home. An actualization of the first step of design, by constructing the rough framing.

Step 4: Presentational Interior

Mahiga Homes understands its assignment very well, offering professional interior design assignments that range from the design of a small apartment to extremely large and complex ones.

Starting from plastering, hard-surface flooring, counter tops, interior trimming, complete rough plumbing, electrical, exterior finishes, exteriors and exterior grading.

Step 5: Final Utilities

Modern utilities are key to today’s construction. Mahiga Homes have a unique approach of the final utilities, where they do plumbing, to finish piping and also an electrician finalizes on installations of powerpoints; then ensure that water retention facilities are fitted correctly and painting is done. At this stage the home is completed, a sigh of relief to the clients who have been waiting eagerly.

Step 6: The Final Construction- Landscaping

Tidying up, and scrub out accumulated rubbish, in a complete house. Mahiga Homes construction experts do exceptional work on residential waterproofing, where they keep exteriors protected from the elements and thereafter a final walkthrough with the builder.

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