Machakos: Women group treasurer commits suicide after members demand Sh300K savings

A woman who took poison and passed away on Monday while receiving treatment at a hospital in Machakos had left her home three days earlier.

Shortly after being admitted to Kangundo Sub-County Hospital, 60-year-old Elizabeth Mumbua passed away.

A local table banking organization’s treasurer had been under great pressure to turn over Sh300,000 that group members had raised over the course of the year.

The group balanced its books of accounts on Tuesday of last week, at which point trouble began. It is believed that the small-scale farmer stole the funds.

The mother of two fled her home three days before ingesting poison, Matetani Chief Mary Njeri said.

“After ingesting poison, she was struggling for her life in the hospital. Zacharia Bitok, the commander of the Kangundo Sub-county Police, told the Nation over the phone that “we have now lost her.

He declared that an investigation into the matter had begun.

She and her husband, Joseph Muya, both gave police statements on Sunday.

Before all heck broke loose, the group reportedly wanted Sh300,000 from Mr. Muya’s wife.

“She had agreed to provide the funds on Wednesday after the group balanced its records on Tuesday. But on Wednesday morning, she took off without saying where she was going. We didn’t get any more light. According to Mr. Muya, we assumed she had gone to borrow money.

“We were astonished to discover her handbag close to the cowshed on Sunday morning, three days later. We found her unconscious in an abandoned house at the corner of the homestead thanks to her tracks. Additionally, we found two vials of acaricide. We called for help and hurried her to get some medicine,” Mr. Muya added.

She had taken a lot of poison, according to a doctor who was on the team that treated the mother of two.

The body was moved to the mortuary of the Kangundo Sub-County Hospital to await the post-mortem. Members of the table banking group were left reeling after the death.

Merry-go-rounds, often referred to as malolondo, are common table banking locations for women in the region.

The organizations help families that are having financial difficulties.

The Nation has determined that the deceased was one of the group’s founders. There are numerous such organizations in the area.

According to a representative of the table banking organization, it is older than five years. The initial group split into two due to alleged poor management.

One of the two groups whose members gathered on Tuesday to take out soft loans and pay off current loans had the deceased as its treasurer.

In order to prepare for the holidays, members of table banking groups either buy food and utensils and distribute them among themselves or distribute the revenues of their annual activities among themselves.

The group’s members and leadership remained silent in the wake of their double tragedy, thus The Nation was unable to learn what their next move would be.

“We don’t have time to talk about the table banking group. We are preparing for a funeral,” Mr. Muya remarked.

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