LSK: 2 Of President Ruto’s PS Nominees Had Not Been Shortlisted For Interviews

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has received a letter from the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) requesting the final list of qualified Principal Secretaries (PS) that was sent to President William Ruto for nominations.

In a letter from LSK President Eric Theuri to PSC CEO Dr. Simon Rotich, the head of the legal society claims that two of the people named by the President were not included on the first 585 candidates shortlist that was made public in local newspapers.

The letter states, “To meet our statutory goals, we must have access to the President’s final list of the qualified applicants for appointment as Principal Secretaries.”

Please supply the requested information within the next 48 hours due to the public interest in this topic. “We thus seek to be supplied with the above-mentioned list so that we may examine it and take any necessary action appropriately.”

Dr. Theuri asserts that the Public Service Commission has a duty to uphold merit-based appointments and the participation of the people in such appointments, as well as to offer accurate information to the public.

Additionally, he said that the final list sent to President Ruto for the appointment was not as comprehensive as the Head of State had indicated in the days preceding the elections in August.

Furthermore, there are widespread worries about the exclusion of gender, young people, people with impairments, and regional balance, according to Theuri.

“The Law Society has a statutory obligation to uphold the Constitution and champion the rule of law because of its statutory mandate under Section 4 of the Law Society of Kenya Act to advise and assist members of the legal profession, the government, and the general public in all matters relating to the administration of justice in Kenya.”

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