List of Sunday Scheduled Flights Confirmed by KQ.

Over 10,000 passengers have been impacted by a pilots’ strike by Kenya Airways (KQ), and the airline has stated that flights are scheduled to take place today, November 6.
The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) put down their equipment on Saturday in protest of what they perceived as a lack of attention to their complaints.

KQ confirmed in a statement on Sunday that a total of 6 planes will depart, with the earliest planned for 12:45AM and the latest for 20:20PM.

However, KQ made it clear that only passengers with confirmed reservations will be served by the planes.

The following flights were given a travel nod:

1. Nairobi to Entebbe 12:45PM

2. Entebbe to Nairobi 14:45PM

3. Nairobi to Mombasa 13:30PM

4. Mombasa to Nairobi 15:30PM

5. Nairobi to Lusaka 17:00PM

6. Nairobi to Lusaka 20:20PM

While this was going on, passengers who had decided not to fly because of the impasse were instructed to cancel their tickets, with the airline promising to find a solution as soon as possible.

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