Life lessons: 10 things we should never do

  • Never befriend your Ex. I repeat! Never fall into this trap.
    Being friend with your Ex is like taking back same dumped poop in your detoxed body.
  • Never lend money to that friend whom you don’t wanna lose. Money is like the watch of “Mr. India” Once you give to someone that person will vanish in no time.
  • Never discuss politics with your dearest friend.
    Either you lose that discussion or your friend. Sometimes both.
    • Opinion is like your genitals, you must have it but no need to show it everywhere.
  • Never compromise your career for a relationship.
    • Don’t believe me? You will. When your “so-called” soulmate will dump you for a better match.
    • No girl says “Yes for marriage” to a guy if he is struggling in his life. Exception exists.
  • Do you have a feeling for someone who is already in a relationship? Never befriend with that person. I repeat! Abort the mission.
    • She is never gonna sleep with you. Never.
    • If she will, then you are gonna to be “Known Stranger” for each other in a couple of days.
  • Never belittle yourself for your physical appearance.
    • Because you can’t change it unless you are insanely rich. Point is, If you are filthy rich then people won’t give a damn about your physical appearance. As simple as that.
  • Never make fun of a heart-broken and depressed person. 
    You can’t understand their emotional trauma unless you walk on the same hideous road. Be kind!
  • Never abuse or demotivate anyone on social media by your mean comments or messages.
    • We know you are an asshole, you don’t need to show your certificate. If you don’t like anyone’s content then navigate yourself to another answer. Don’t be a keyboard warrior.
  • Never indulge another organ to make a decision. There are some fixed functions of every organ of a human body. So, Use your brain to think or make a decision.
    • If you have longer than average size this doesn’t mean it can help you to make a better decisionJust saying!

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