LandLord from Heaven? LandLord Surprises Tenants with Rent Cut

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A landlord has warmed hearts after sending a memo informing his tenants of an imminent rent cut.

The letter dated 17th October 2019 surfaced online with the landlord, Mr Simon Ngugi relaying the “good news” to the tenants who are presumably renting business spaces.

“We thank you for being our valued customer over the period. We have noticed a serious business fall in recent months…” read the letter in part.

This is perhaps one of the kindest gestures by any business owner in Kenya who often hike prices in order to stay afloat in uncertain economic times.

Ngugi would further make a 20 per cent reduction in the rent, chucking out a whole Sh2,000 from the original Sh10,000 rent.

“Your new rent from 1st November 2019 is Sh8,000 down from Sh10,000. We advise that you continue paying your rent on time as agreed,” concluded the letter.

Our attempts to reach the phone number captured on the letter doing rounds in Social media were unsuccessful.

As a result, we could not independently verify whether the contents of the letter or its author were authentic.

This comes just a day after Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge questioned President Kenyatta’s economic policy which prioritizes infrastructural development.

“It’s true the number of goods produced sold in the country rose. The only problem is that Kenyans can’t eat the numbers,” Njoroge noted during the launch of IMF regional outlook report in Nairobi.


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