Laikipia: 27-Year-Old Man Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Friend To Death

A file image of a bloody knife [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Residents of Kanjiando village in Marmament, Laikipia County, are in mourning after a 27-year-old man was allegedly stabbed to death by a friend on Sunday.

According to reports, the suspect, identified as James Kiugu, 70, stabbed John Kiptoo several times with a kitchen knife.

The two were in the company of other people at a beer den when they got into a fight, and later, the elderly man went for the knife and stabbed the young man several times according to reports. 

Residents claim the deceased bled profusely and died as a result of his injuries.

A close friend of the deceased, Bethwel Cheruiyot, described how he witnessed the two arguing but had no idea it would escalate.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, with the two reportedly imbibing local Kangara brew in an open field. 

The perpetrator also narrowly escaped death as enraged residents turned on him with blows and kicks.

He was rescued by security officers who arrived just as he was about to be lynched.

Residents said the two were also close friends, and it’s unclear why their friendship ended so tragically.

They have condemned the act and accused local police officers at the Siron Police Post of responding too slowly to their distress calls.

According to them, illicit brew consumption is on the rise, and efforts to seek assistance from the local administration to combat the vice have been futile.

Meanwhile, the deceased’s body has been transferred to the Nyahururu County and Referral Hospital Mortuary, and the suspect is being held at the Nyahuru Police Station pending his arraignment.

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