KWS: No Volcanic Eruption At Mount Longonot, It Was A Fire

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has denied reports that Mt. Longonot erupted in volcanic ash on Thursday.

The state company issued a statement on Friday to clarify media reports of a supposed eruption, stating that the photos of smoke were caused by a fire outbreak on the park’s southern edge, which has now been put out.

“The mountain did not explode volcanically, as several media outlets stated. In one section of the statement, it was said, “We guarantee that the park is secure for all guests.

A fire outbreak that was recorded on Thursday, October 27, 2022, on the southern edge of Mount Longonot National Park has been extinguished.

The blaze was finally contained and put out this morning by an emergency response team sent to the area, according to the statement.

Despite the fact that KWS was unable to determine the source of the fire, it claims that the blaze had destroyed around 40 acres by the time it was doused on Friday morning.

This morning, an emergency response team sent to the area was able to confine and finally put out the fire. By the time the fire was extinguished, 40 acres of bushland had been destroyed, according to KWS.

It is believed that Mt. Longonot, a dormant volcano, last erupted in the 1860s.

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