KQ: KALPA Is Holding Passengers Ransom and Giving False Information

The Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) has been charged by Kenya Airways (KQ) for misleading the public about their current impasse.
In a statement released on Sunday, KQ refuted allegations made by KALPA that few pilots have reported for duty as a result of the continuing pilot’s strike.

Instead, KQ made it clear that 23 pilots are accessible and performing their jobs, and it added that KALPA representatives are reluctant to sit down and negotiate and have further raised their demands.

The statement added, “These are passionate and patriotic Kenyans who are supporting the Pride of Africa and the economy.”

“False information about KQ management’s unavailability and unwillingness to speak is being propagated by KALPA officials. On the contrary, KALPA representatives have raised their demands, demonstrating their refusal to engage in negotiations by issuing a list of “irreducible demands”.

The Kenyan airline further attacked the pilots organization, saying that they are holding its customers and the economy hostage and should go back to work. They also said that they are available for negotiations.

“This reconciliation is not being approached by KALPA in good faith. As a result, they are holding the economy, management, and other employees at hostage “Read the declaration.

“We emphasize that good faith and compromise are necessary for the conversations. The window of opportunity is narrowing, but KQ management is kind and open to discussion.”

The pilots who started the strike, which is now in its third day, criticized the lack of attention given to their complaints and vowed to withhold their labor until the issues in dispute are resolved.

KQ CEO Allan Kilavuka warned that the strike, which has since affected 12,000 passengers, will cause the airline to lose more money.

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