Kitisuru: Mother-in-law destroys a house of a widow

The destruction of a widow’s home in Nairobi’s Kitusuru Estate, which she claimed was due to disputes between her and her in-laws, has caused her to plead for justice.

The widow claimed that on the morning of December 10, her mother-in-law hired thugs to destroy her home.

“When I awoke in the morning, diggers had broken down my gate and wall and were inside my home.

She described the demolition of her property with much pain: “The 36 Goons were all over.

The widow recalled how problems began when her husband went away without the title deed being changed.

“My mother-in-law is evicting me from a house I’ve lived in for 30 years exploiting a legal loophole.

She told the media, “The title deed to the property still shows my husband’s name, and my in-laws are using that as a tactic to force me out and acquire my late husband’s fortune.”

The property in dispute is a prime half-acre parcel, and the widow insisted she has a right to it.

Since we hadn’t altered the title, my mother-in-law determined that the 1.5 acres belong to the estate in a case that was brought in 2006 regarding the property.

She said, “Since my husband and I bought this house together, I am entitled to half an acre and the rest should go to my three children.”

The widow claims that the police have failed to assist her in obtaining justice.

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