Kithure Kindiki declares a crackdown on Nairobi robberies.

A new police squad has been sent to the County as the government has vowed an all-out war on mugging gangs and other violent crimes in Nairobi.

Prof. Kithure Kindiki, the interior cabinet secretary, stated that the government was aware of the public outcry following incidences of reported insecurity and was resolved to take quick action to cleanse Nairobi and other towns of criminal gangs.

“In Nairobi, we have noticed an increase in criminal activity. The residents of this metropolis and a few other urban centers are being terrorized by small gangs of criminals carrying knives and other weapons, according to Prof. Kindiki.

He said that muggings and other violent crimes in Nairobi, which are typically committed by thugs brandishing knives, are being promptly put an end by a new command structure that includes members of various security organizations.

The command and leadership of the police have revised the deployment order for the Nairobi municipal police with immediate effect. The NPS has also established a multiagency, multidisciplinary approach to this issue in order to get these misbehaving sons—and perhaps a few misbehaving daughters—off the streets and into the places where offenders belong.

In his speech, he declared that the government was committed to reestablishing public safety in Nairobi’s streets and vowed to take the fight to the criminals.

The CS declared, “We have heard you and we have heard those boys who have dared the government and want to tell us that they can take over the city and make it a center of crime. We are coming immediately.

A thorough evaluation of the pay and working conditions for all security officers would be conducted, the CS pledged, to make sure that police officers are fairly rewarded for their challenging and frequently dangerous responsibilities.

“The government will soon begin a process of engagement with a view to reexamining the terms and conditions under which our officers serve while taking into consideration the fact that for a very long time now, the terms and conditions of our officers’ service have not been reviewed with a view to adjusting them to the cost of living,” said Kindiki.

The CS also sent a similar message to bandits and cattle rustlers operating in the North Rift, warning them that the government will intensify its assault on them to include financiers, spiritual leaders, and dealers in stolen animals.

He claimed that the government believed the widespread threat that exists in counties such as Turkana, West Pokot, Baringo, Samburu, Elgeyo Marakwet, and Laikipia has since progressed beyond a traditional practice.

“Banditry has taken on new dimensions and has expanded beyond its purely economic scope. What is taking place in the northern part of this county increasingly seems like it could be crimes against humanity, according to the CS.

After warning that his administration would no longer tolerate cattle rustling, he warned that the government would deal harshly with those who had dared President William Ruto. However, the CS stated that the fight against criminals will be conducted in accordance with the relevant laws and that the Government will support its officers as long as they operated in accordance with the established code of conduct while carrying out a legitimate mandate.

In accordance with the law of our nation and all other applicable international laws, he declared, “We are going to their hideouts to seek for the criminal to do to them what the law dictates we do to the criminals.”

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