Kisumu: PSV bus burns to ashes, passengers escape unhurt

In Kisumu County on Monday, a bus carrying 35 people caught fire and was razed to a husk near Koru Township.

The Trinity Express Bus Company’s bus from Rwanda was traveling to Kampala in Uganda. At the time of the accident, which occurred at 2.30 am in the Odoyo market, 35 passengers escaped without injury.

The passengers who had all of their belongings destroyed in the fire were moved to another bus and continued traveling.

Alphonce Kimanthi, the commander of Kisumu County Police, claimed that the bus caught fire after experiencing mechanical issues.

“A mechanical issue with one of the bus’s rear tires is thought to have caused the fire to start there before spreading to other parts of the vehicle. Thankfully, none of the passengers were hurt, according to Mr. Kimanthi.

To identify the cause of the fire, the police investigations had been initiated.

“The incident might have resulted in death. Fortunately, the driver stayed awake and assisted the passengers escape the car as soon as they were instructed to do so, according to Mr. Kimanthi.

In order to prevent accidents, he urged drivers and other road users to follow the law over the holiday season.

The Guardian Bus Company’s bus severely caught fire in May near the Kisumu–Nairobi route, but the passengers managed to flee without being wounded.

When it caught fire, the bus was traveling toward Busia town.

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