Kisumu: Pregnant Girl Commits Suicide, Citing Frustrations From Mother And Grandma

A 19-year-old girl  committed suicide in Kabodho community in Kisumu County, citing unhappiness with her mother and grandmother as her motivation.

Village of Pap Onditi The deceased’s body, according to Chief Charles Ogolla, was discovered on Wednesday hanging from the roof of her grandmother’s home.

According to him, the Rae Girls School student who completed secondary school last year also stated in the note that she was two months pregnant.

She also said that although the mother and grandmother weren’t concerned about her waiting to enroll in college, she had chosen to end her life in order to relieve their burden.

Police from Pap Onditi, according to Chief Ogolla, arrived, transported the body to the morgue, and started an investigation.

The chief asked the locals to normalize looking for alternative solutions to the issues they are now facing.

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