Kisumu: Governor Nyong’o Condemns Killing Of University Student During Azimio Demos

During Monday’s anti-government protests in the lakeside city of Kisumu, a student from Maseno University was killed, which Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o has denounced.

Police shot and killed William Mayange, a third-year student, during the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition-called protests.

According to the police, Mayange was one of a group of students who joined the demonstrations, which erupted into violence when the demonstrators broke into a supermarket in Maseno town.

In a statement, Governor Nyong’o called the act regrettable and said the police officer was not justified in shooting the literature student.

“It is regrettable that the police decided to use live ammunition at the kids rather than using tear gas or rubber bullets. Instead of employing violence against defenseless protestors to put an end to rioting, the police should act professionally and with patience, the man added.

He demanded that the “trigger-happy” officer be swiftly detained and prosecuted.
The county administrator had already denounced a couple of the offenders for engaging in acts of hooliganism that caused mayhem during the protest.

The demonstrations were peaceful, according to Nyong’o, in a previous statement, “until a few hooligans whose objective has yet to be established, infiltrated the gathering and started trashing property.”

He claimed that the suspects stoned and harmed a portion of a hotel, a bank, a supermarket, and a shopping center in the Kisumu city center while impersonating as opposition sympathizers.

“I would like to strongly denounce this cowardly and illegal conduct on behalf of the people of Kisumu. As the County’s Governor, I want to stress that we support peaceful, orderly picketing with no attacks on private or public investments or property.

The aim of Odinga’s demonstrations is to pressure President William Ruto’s administration to address a number of concerns, including the high cost of living, claimed prejudice in State appointments, and a supposedly lacking level of openness in the country’s election agency, the IEBC.

During the demonstrations on Monday, police and demonstrators clashed in Kisumu, and the latter were compelled to use tear gas to disperse the latter.

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