KISII: Police Launch Manhunt For Gang Responsible For Numerous Burglaries And Night Attacks


A manhunt has been started by Kisii police for a group that has been terrorizing Mwembe neighborhood residents at night.

As a result of a string of break-ins at their commercial properties, business owners in Mwembe market have been counting their losses over the past week. They have lost things of unknown worth, raising major security worries.

Amos Ambasa, the Kisii Central OCPD, said that officers have been told to increase nighttime patrols in and around Kisii town.

The alleged group is reported to have been operating between 10pm and midnight, breaking into around ten establishments over the course of the past week. They apparently target cash, food, mobile phones, cereal, electronics, and groceries.

On Wednesday, at around 10.30 p.m., a middle-aged teenager accosted John Makori, a resident of Mwembe who lives near Fort Jesus, along the stretch. The youth ordered him to lie down before taking off with his belongings, which included the clothes he was putting on.

Since then, police have urged Kisii people to always report the incidents and provide additional details so that normalcy can return.

In the Kitutu Chache South sub-county, similar incidents have also been reported in Birongo, Kiamabundu, Menyinkwa, and Egesa.

This occurs when the national govt announces plans to stop a wave of attacks now taking place across the nation.

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